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Marquette’s Huge Win Against Georgetown And The NCAA Tournament

By T.J. Bryce | Posted Monday, January 7

With the exception of a handful of teams that (come NCAA tournament time,) are guaranteed a spot in the dance, most teams are stuck comparing resumes. One of the most important parts of an NCAA tournament resume is “marquee wins.” The Golden Eagles picked up one of those “big wins” on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon, Marquette hung on by a thread, despite missing two crucial free throws late in the game, to beat Georgetown 49-48. What makes this a resume building win is that the Hoyas were ranked 14th in the country prior to the game. Now yes, Georgetown might very well have a second-half-of-the-season plummet, and come March, this win won't mean much. For the time being, it's huge. Not only does it temporarily put the Golden Eagles on top of the Big East standings, but it gives them a great win to put in front of the NCAA tournament committee in March, assuming that Georgetown hangs around the top 25 for the rest of the season.

Unless you have a subscription to ESPN Insider, you won't be able to follow something called “Bracketology.” If you don't know what that is, Joe Lunardi is a college basketball analyst for ESPN. His job is to study how the NCAA tournament committee would put together its brackets. During the regular season, well before the NCAA tournament committee releases the bracket, Lunardi tries to predict how the tournament bracket is going to line up. As of right now, he has Marquette as a 10 seed on the West Region. After the big win against Georgetown, Marquette should jump a little. If they can find one more big resume building win, the Golden Eagles will be in pretty good shape. Every time the Golden Eagles make it to the dance, they are always a dangerous team.

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