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Marquette’s 2013 Basketball Recruiting Class

By T.J. Bryce | Posted Friday, December 28

The other day, I was looking at Marquette's 2013 basketball recruiting class and as I was going through it name by name, I couldn't help but think to myself, “this seems awfully familiar to me”. After a few minutes I finally figured out was I was thinking of- Marquette's 2005 recruiting class. I stacked the two up next to each other and the similarities boggled my mind.

Let’s begin by taking a little trip back in time to July of 2004. That month, Marquette had successfully recruited three players who would more than leave their mark on the program, including two in the same day. The three players I am referring to are Dominic James, Jerel McNeal, and Wesley Matthews. Ever heard of them? I thought so. Those are three of the best players Marquette has ever had, and they all were in the same recruiting class and signed the same month. James was a 5'10” point guard who was a four-star recruit coming out of high school and, according to, was ranked 10th at his position and 61st overall. McNeal was a 6'3” shooting guard who was ranked 31st in his position and 99th overall. Wesley Matthews was 6'5” shooting guard ranked 28th at his position and 85th overall. Remember those facts when you read the next paragraph.

Duane Wilson And JuJuan Johnson Come To Marquette

Now we fast forward to 2012. Marquette has a loaded recruiting class coming in next season. Duane Wilson is a 6'3” point guard who is ranked 11th at his position and 56th overall. JuJuan Johnson is a 6'4” shooting guard who is ranked 20th at his position and 64th overall. Deonte Burton is a 6'5” small forward who is ranked 13th at his position and 57th overall. Does this sound familiar? It sure does, and this could turn out to be 2005 all over again. If it is, get your tickets now, because this is going to be a fun bunch to watch.

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