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Big East Television Contract Gives Marquette A Chance To Shine

By Jackson | Posted Wednesday, September 12

After the massive conference realignments this off-season, the Big East was left with a number of unresolved issues. With an expensive television contract on the line, and new football programs entering the conference, the Big East was hoping for a successful start to both the football and basketball seasons. That was far from certain, as the conference was shuffled and the realignment did not deal the most impressive hand.

Despite the historically mediocre performances of some of the newcomers, this new rag-tag bunch finished the opening weekend of college football with seven teams ranking in the top sixty nation wide. With victories over talented teams such as Nevada and Kentucky, Rutgers, Connecticut, Louisville, South Florida, Cincinnati and Boise State all cemented their place in the top sixty. Boise State and Notre Dame both maintained their top twenty spots. Those seven represent the fifth most top sixty teams in each conference, just two behind powerhouses Big Ten, PAC 12, and Big 12, who are all tied at nine.

The news is good for the conference's basketball programs, as well. As Big East teams such as Boise State and Cincinnati continue to climb the polls, television contracts from broadcasters such as ESPN, NBC, and FOX will become much a more regular occurrence. The added leverage of top tier football schools allows the Big East to promote quality basketball programs such as Marquette and Syracuse in the deals. The Golden Eagles already account for more profits than most college football programs, but acquiring consistent national exposure is the next step.

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